Young Riders Club

This Club has been created for our young riders who wish to improve their riding and also learn about stable management. You will learn new skills and also make lots of friends with people who love our ponies as much as you. The minimum age for the club is 7 years at 13 our members can move onto Young Equestrians. We are very proud to say our club has achieved Club Mark Accreditaion. Starting April 2016 New Young Equestrians ! A club for 13 to 18 years- details are on our news page for now.


Follifoot Park Young Riders Club has been formed to provide:

  • Safe and FUN instruction
  • More knowledge in stable care so you are safe around our ponies/horses
  • To give you more awareness and understanding of horse behaviour
  • Support to each other, learn how to work as a team and show good sportsmanship
  • Support to our Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group, joining in, helping and fundraising
  • Riders to gain confidence and meet lots of new people, who you can swap your knowledge with and also learn a lot from them. They will be interested in the same things as you…horses!
  • We want our members to learn a lot about the thing they love but most of all we want them to have lots of FUN!!!!
  • Eventually you may be able to assist with the ponies at the weekend or during the holidays, you will need to have completed training sessions and attended Saturday Morning Club . You can also have stable management lessons towards your ABRS Helpers Certificates (entry, intermediate and senior levels).
  • Special club member discount in holidays on certain activities.





What are the benefits of joining our fun Club?

  • There will be special activities in the school holidays for Club Members only.
  • Saturday Morning Club (there is a discount for members) You can learn lots about how your favourite pony thinks and what special signs to look out for in his behaviour when you are handling him. You will learn how to groom our ponies properly, how to turn them out into a field, how much food and water they eat and drink each day and a lot more. Generally you will not be riding on club nights.
  • You may have heard of the ABRS Tests that you can do as part of your normal riding lessons, Club members can get extra training to help you do them faster…you could even have a race with one of your friends to see who gets to test E the fastest!
  • We will also have special Follifoot Park Young Riders Club Certificates to work through. These will be a little bit like the ABRS tests but especially made for our Club Members.


We hope that you will enjoy being part of our friendly yard and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Membership costs £20 per year.



Club Fun!


Intermediate camp enjoing a visit from the Ampleforth Beagles!