Holiday Activities

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Easter Holidays Activities 2018

Saturday 31st March DRESSAGE Competition! Hire of school horses available – Intro B & C, P 19 & 12, N-28

 Saturday Morning Club

Sunday 1st April:  CLOSED 

Monday 2nd April:

10.00am - 1hr Walk, Trot, and Canter Catch Up or £20

11:00am ½ hr Walk, Trot Catch Up or £13.50

12noon – 1 hour Walk Trot Canter Jumping lesson catch up or £20

1:30pm - ½ hr Mock test for ABRS Stable Management tests. This is an ideal 30 minutes for anyone wishing to practise their tests before the test £8. Extra charge if you wish to ride.

2pm - ABRS Tests A-E £25 – 2 tests £40 giving a discount of £10!


Tuesday 3rd April:

9.30am - ABRS Tests A-E

 10.15am – 3:00pm. Easter Themed Pony Day!!!! £35

Join us for a day of Easter fun, please bring a packed lunch. Children under 6 years of age be accompanied by an adult.

2:30pm –½ hr Kindi / Lead Rein catch up or £13.50

3:00pm - Tiny Tots session £14.50 20mins (small group) for children 3 years old. 


Wednesday 4th April:  

9:30am - 1 hr Walk, Trot Canter Lesson £20

10:15am – 3pm Pony Day £39 Pony activities and a riding lesson + Rosette Award. Children under 6 to be accompanied by an adult.

12:00 - ½ hr Walk Trot Canter lesson or catch up £13.50

1:00 - 1½hr Introductory Session – learn to groom, tack up, ride the mechanical horse and have a ½ hr riding lesson £28

3pm - 1 hr Walk, Trot Canter Hack £20


Thursday 5th April:

9:30 - 1/2 hr Newcomers / Kindi group lesson £13.50

11am - Young Equestrians Picnic Ride! £55

1pm- am 1hr Lesson on learning to jump. If you are ready to start jumping this is the lesson for you. We will work over trotting poles and over a small cross pole fence. £20.00


Friday 6th April:

9:30am - ½ hr Kindi / Newcomers catch up or £13.50

10:15am – 3:00pm Pony Day £35 Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a Parent. Please bring a packed lunch.

1pm- 1hr Jumping Lesson (walk trot canter riders only) £20

2pm - ½ hr Walk Trot Canter lesson £14.50 (small group) 

Saturday 7th April: Open for lessons, Saturday Morning Club - Open Afternoon – 12noon – 2:30pm  

Sunday 8th April: CLOSED

Monday 9th April

9:30am ½ hr Kindi / Lead Rein catch up or £13.50

10.00am – 3.00pm. £45. Be a horse owner for the day, you can choose a pony to pamper, muck out, feed, rug etc supervised fun day, riding lesson and fun session included. Riders must be able to Walk Trot Canter and tack up

1:00pm 1 Hour Learn how to jump a course. This lesson will teach you around a course of jumps learning how to jump different types of jumps that you may come across in a competition. Riders MUST be jumping cross poles on a regular basis in their lessons £20.00


Tuesday 10th April:

9:30am ABRS Tests A-E

10:15am – 3:00pm Pony Day £39 Rosette Award! Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring a packed lunch.

11:30am - 2 Hour Hack £45 this hack is for experienced rider’s wishing to blow the cobwebs away with a good canter along the fields. Please check with your instructor first and full payment must be paid upon booking.

3pm ½ an hour Newcomers group lesson £13.50


Wednesday 11th April:  

9:30am – ABRS Tests

10:30am - 1hr Parent and child ride. £30 per pair. We will start off in the arena having fun then going for a walk and a trot out on the bridle path (weather dependent).

11:30am – Tiny Tots 20 min session £14.50

1pm Start SHOW JUMPING COMPETITION! Open to all! £20 School Horse hire. Clear round £6.00, all other classes £8.00 Open competition riders welcome on their own horses.


Thursday 12th April:

9:30 - 1/2 hr Newcomers group lesson £13.50

11.00am – 2:30pm (ish) Picnic Ride! £65 (full payment needed upon booking). Have a wonderful few hours in the saddle across some lovely countryside, finishing by having a gallop down the all-weather gallops You MUST be capable of cantering in a group in an open field for this hack, it is for experienced riders and will include a gallop. (Please see staff before booking)


Friday 13th April:

10:15am – 3:00pm - Pony Day £35 Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied at all times by a Parent or Guardian. Please bring a packed lunch.

11:30 – 20mins Tiny Tots ride £14.50


Please pay a deposit or full payment when booking to secure your place on holiday activities

Please take Catch up rides before 13th April.

Taking bookings for SUMMERS CAMPS now!!

New 6 week Term Starts Saturday 14th April

Thank You!




Summer Camps 2018!!!!!

As in previous years we are running our camps, Advanced Camp, Intermediate Camp and Mini Camp. This year there will be two Mini camps. They will be organized along the lines of Pony Club, except we also cater for children who do not own their own ponies. The days are spent riding, practicing stable management, games and quizzes finishing with a competition. During the evenings we watch demonstrations and play games.

At Intermediate and Advanced camp the children sleep in lecture room with full supervision.

Mini Camp does not include an overnight stay.



Young Equestrians + Advanced Camp Tuesday 21st August to Thursday 23rd August

This camp is for advanced riders aged from 10 years old upwards. The riders will enjoy 3 days and 2 nights.

 Instruction on dressage, show jumping, cross country, hacks, lectures and demonstrations. The last day will involve a Competition.

Riders will arrive at 10am bringing a packed lunch for the first day, money for a takeaway and finishing with a prize giving ceremony at 3:30pm on Thursday (parents/friends are welcome to join us at any point).

For this camp we request riders can jump over a height of 60cm comfortably and have experience of galloping in open fields and doing XC, body protector needed. See kit list.


Price- FPYRC Members £220- non-members £230.


Intermediate Camp Tuesday 14th August to Thursday 16th August

Intermediate camp is a fun packed 3 days and 2 nights of horse riding and stable management for riders who are 8 years old and over and are capable of cantering in the arena and jumping over a small jump. Throughout the days the riders will care for their pony, they will have to muck out, feed, groom, ride and of course pamper their pony. The evenings will be spent watching, demonstrations, and playing games.

The last day the riders compete in our “Show day”, where there are lots of chances to win rosettes.

Any children wishing not to sleep over are welcome to be daily campers.

Riders will arrive at 10am bringing a packed lunch for the first day, money for MacDonald’s.

There will be a prize giving ceremony at 3:30pm on the Thursday. (Parents/friends are welcome to join us at any point). Body protector needed. See kit list.

Price- FPYRC Members £220- non-members £230.


Mini Camp 1- Wednesday 8th August and Thursday 9th August

Mini Camp 2- Wednesday 29th August and Thursday 30th August

Mini Camp is two days filled with fun!! This camp is for children aged 6 years old upwards who are beginners through to learning to canter. The children will get 2 rides each day alongside activities such as carriage driving Elmo, riding Stan the mechanical horse, bareback riding and stable management lessons. There will be a mini show day on the second day where the children can show off their artistic flare and dress up (even decorating their ponies!!) and compete to win rosettes

First day riders arrive at 10:15 and leave at 5pm (packed lunch needed for both days, tea will be provided by FPRC on the first day)

Second day riders arrive at 10:15am and prize giving ceremony will be at 3:30pm (parents/friends are welcome to join us at any point)

Price- FPYRC Members £100- non-members £110.


Please see your child’s instructor for advice on which camp is best suited to their riding level.

A deposit of 50% MUST be paid upon booking. FULL PAYMENT must be paid 2 weeks before the camp starts.

If you would like an more infomation please ask in the office call - 01423 870372 or email -