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 Work Based Diploma in Horse Care and Riding Levels 1 and 2



There is a minimum age of 14, no maximum age.

The training sessions are practical and theory.

It is part time with some flexibility on times.

The Course is a minimum of 12 weeks from registration and maximum of 2 years to complete.

Written portfolio to be completed by the students and continual practical assessments through out the course.

The length of the course will be dictated by how much experience each candidate has.



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Association of British Riding Schools Tests (ABRS Tests)

During lessons at Follifoot Park Riding Centre we will be working towards ABRS Tests.

The ABRS is a riding school approval scheme which has a wide ranging examination and testing system which enables riders to achieve their potential.

Starting from Test A and working through to test E and then progressing on to more challenging tests from Test 1 to 10. They include stable management and equitation. The test is not compulsory.

Tests A to E are designed for children who are learning to ride as they are easier to understand. Tests 1 to 10 are for older children and adult riders as they are more in depth and they cover more information. Tests A to E do not have to be completed before starting tests 1 to 10.

There is also an ABRS booklet to purchase [cost £6.50], which runs through all of our tests. These include diagrams and explanations. The A to E booklet is written in a child friendly manor.

The tests are taken at Follifoot by an examiner and the results will then be sent off to the ABRS head quarters who will verify the results. Certificates will then be produced and sent back here to Follifoot. Please pay the full amount when booking your test.

For each test passed the candidate will receive a certificate for each part (stable management and equitation).

Cost A-E Stable management & Equitation £25 (2 x A-E Tests taken on the same day £40 discount of £10)

Tests1-2 Stable management & Equitation 

Tests 3-5 Stable management & Equitation 

Tests 5-10 please enquire about the price

The tests are beneficial to any one learning to ride. Riders will not be entered for the test until the instructor is sure that they are fully prepared.

Please book in at the office when you are ready to take the test

These tests are here to help riders develop their knowledge and for them to reach their goals.

Click here for more information on the EQL Level 1 Diploma in Work Based Horse Care (PDF).